8 Attributes of Management Excellence (Course)

In their book In Search of Excellence, McKinsey consultants Tom Peters and Robert Waterman found 8 common themes which they argued were responsible for the success of 14 identified companies of "ex... (Read more)

Organizational Framework - Leadership (Course)

This is a 40-slide PowerPoint. This is an introductory workshop on leadership. It focuses on defining and implementing good leadership practices that are covered in the Organizational Excellence ... (Read more)

Powerful Presentations - It's All About an Authentic You!

This course guides participants through the skills, essential ingredients, techniques, and rituals that lead to excellence in presentations for one-on-one, small groups, large formal presentations,... (Read more)

CPSM Self Study Bridge Exam Preparation -

This course prepares the procurement professional already holding the C.P.M. designation to advance to the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) credential. It has been developed by in... (Read more)

Human Centric Process Analysis and Improvement

Human-Centric Process Analysis and Improvement The Human-Centric Process Analysis and Improvement online training course is a comprehensive educational experience that builds participant skills ... (Read more)

Selling by the Numbers - Creating Predictability in Your Sales and Marketing - Video

This video introduces the concept of the sales funnel and offers tools to assist in managing sales for your small business. Applied properly you can begin predicting sales for your business in 30 ... (Read more)